Our Vision

We are “A Church for People on the Grow” touching the world with love by communicating the positive power of Jesus Christ to our generation; finding needs and meeting them, finding hurts and healing them, finding problems and solving them.

Our Mission

We exist to empower people to grow into the persons that God created them to be.

Our Core Values



We recognize the inherent value of prayer to discern God’s vision, leadership, and plan for

us as we grow together in faith. We pray first.



We believe that people matter to God, and therefore they must matter to us. Our priority

is reaching people of all cultures, races, personalities, and backgrounds that are far away from

God with the message of Jesus Christ. Our urgency is reaching the next generation. Therefore, we

will continue to add seats, sites and services in our effort to reach people, love people and serve

people effectively.



We believe that every member of the church is gifted and called to serve. Our goal as

a church is to help people discover their gifts, develop them through the practice of spiritual

disciplines and deploy them with excellence in the church, community and world to find hurts and

heal them, find problems and solve them, find needs and meet them.



We must do the work of God, share in the worship of God, and fulfill the will of God

together as partners in the community of faith. People grow best in authentic and loving

communities. We seek to build community through corporate worship and small group

fellowship. As the team works, the dream works. This requires leaders that demonstrate

humility, authenticity, accountability, and genuine care for God’s people. It also requires members

that commit to personal and spiritual growth through a continuous and intentional process of

faith formation. Each of us must model the message with excellence.



We recognize and embrace the reality of change, and pledge to respond creatively,

redemptively and proactively to shifts in culture. As a church, we will continue to change our

methods, but always maintain the message of Jesus Christ.

Life Stages

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