Simply put - a LEADER is person who has someone following them.

If no one is following - you're 'going for a walk'. 


We believe Jesus Christ alone is the Head of the Church and as head has ordained that individual churches should be blessed with the spiritual rule & ministry of office bearers. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to seek to discover those to whom Christ has imparted the necessary gifts for service. This means that anyone can be called to 'Lead' - however, the question becomes where you have been called to assume leadership. 

Annually, we gather for our LEADERSHIP ADVANCE to re-quip & re-discover the VISION for our Church. Annually, we gather for our LEADERSHIP ADVANCE to re-quip & re-discover the VISION for our Church. Please find below the THROWBACK handout presentations of our Chief Dreamer & Leader - Pastor Watson. Additionally, we would like you to at least share by hearing the insight and wisdom contributed during last year's gathering. We hope that you're encouraged, inspired, and FIRED UP to take your call to leadership to the next level!



MISSED LAST YEARS LEADERSHIP ADVANCE? Listen & Download 2013 Throwback Resources FREE!



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DAY ONE: 2013 Leadership Advance

Listen as Bishop Courtney McBath of Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk VA - offers encouragement & instruction for beginning and seasoned leaders!


Please take time to review Pastor Watson's presentation on the Vision & Mission of our Church - Saint Paul's Baptist Church! 


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DAY TWO: 2013 Leadership Advance

Listen as Pastor Watson teaches the "DNA of a Leader" offering insight for current & prospective Leaders!


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Familiarize yourself with its components & key focuses - if you have questions, feel free to contact your Campus Pastor TODAY!