Every member of SPBC is part of an organizational model based on age bands that we call "Life Stages.” These Life Stages not only imply that there are different places in life, but also that anyone phase builds upon the previous ones.


Life is a journey with a beginning, middle, and end. Theorists and theologians point out that where a person is during our journey determines the type of issues and challenges a person faces - and - the caliber of resources they will need to successfully address those issues. Our goal is to offer resources and services to the life stages to help members address those issues and challenges. For a one-page document on Life Stages, click here.


Each life stage has been assigned a unique color to help people identify with others in their life stage. For certain events, members are encouraged to wear their clothing in their life stage color.


Everybody is in a stage of life! We’d like you to use your LIFE STAGE COLOR when you comment and post online. The colors are in your EMOJIS. Here are the colors: Imagination (0-10) - Yellow, SMB (11-19) - Grey, Dreamchasers (20-29) - Orange, Aspire (30-39) - Red, Fusion (40-49) - Blue, Encore (50-59) - Green, Prime Time (60-69) - Gold and Refiners (70+) – White.


Vernita Williams • 

ImagiNATION Life Stage Pastor

Ages Infant - 10

Connect with imagiNATION on Facebook & Instagram.

Martina Jones-Smith • 

SMB Life Stage Pastor

Ages 11-19

Connect with SMB Students on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.


Rev. Juan Shackelford • 

Dreamchasers Life Stage Pastor

Ages 20-29

Connect with Dreamchasers on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

Min. Lance Watson, Jr. • 

Aspire Life Stage Pastor

Ages 30-39

Connect with Aspire on Facebook & Instagram.

Rev. Michelle Townsend • 

Fusion's Life Stage Pastor

Ages 40-49

Connect with Fusion on Facebook & Instagram.

Rev. Jamie Duncan • 

Encore Life Stage Pastor

Ages 50-59

Connect with Encore on Facebook & Instagram.

Dr. Maceo E. Freeman, Jr. • 

Prime Time Life Stage Pastor

Ages 60-69

Connect with PrimeTime on Facebook & Instagram.


Rev. Roscoe Jones •

Refiners Life Stage Pastor

Ages 70+

Connect with Refiners on Facebook.


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